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André Rautenbach

Director / Partner

CA (SA), M.Com (Tax), Registered Auditor

Expertise: Cross-border Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, BEE Consulting, Assurance and Advisory Services.

André serves as RVN’s centre, guiding the firm’s vision to new horizons and greater heights. As the beacon that guides the RVN team, André is always striving to raise his awareness of the people within the firm, creating an inclusive professional environment in which each employee can grow.

When it comes to professional service, André’s primary objective is to find practical solutions to the questions that face RVN’s clients every day, measuring each day’s success on the number of problems solved successfully.

Safeguarding the RVN legacy and stepping into the shoes of his late father, he has dedicated himself to building lasting relationships with both clients and employees in his new role, ensuring that the legacy his father began is built upon every day.

With a keen interest in philosophy that was already prevalent in his youth, André has always enjoyed looking for the deeper answers to the problems that face us. This search for answers is the foundation of his analytical approach to problem-solving and guides him in his search for optimal solutions that fit each scenario perfectly.

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