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Anika Bester

Master Tax Practitioner

M.Com (Tax), B.ComHons (Tax)

Expertise: Registered Master Tax Practitioner

As a tax professional, Anika’s perfect working day is one filled with productivity and engaging client interactions. She thrives on the challenges presented by taxation and approaches each task with passion. She is a registered Master Tax Practitioner with SAIT, holding an M.Com in Taxation from the University of Pretoria.

She is always striving to improve her skill set and is dedicated to deepening her knowledge and expertise in her current field. One of her goals is to complete her doctorate degree in taxation.

Anika firmly believes in the mantra that hard work always pays off, and she has witnessed the truth of this statement in her own experiences.

Beyond her career, she has diverse interests and passions. Cooking and experimenting with new recipes bring her joy, and she finds solace and inspiration in the outdoors. These activities provide a well-rounded balance to her professional life.

For Anika, success is about setting goals, both big and small, and achieving them. She is committed to pursuing her passions, continuously learning and growing, and making a positive impact in her field.

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