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B-BBEE Verification

The BEE Verification process evolved since the release of the B-BBEE Strategy in 2003 and the promulgation of the Broad-based BEE Act, which set the scene for the regulation of the BEE measurement/verification industry. The gazetting of the B-BBEE Codes firmly moved the industry from a self-regulated one to a BEE verification industry.

the dti appointed the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) to conduct the accreditation of Verification Agencies.

Standards of the B-BBEE Verification Industry

The role of B-BBEE Verification Agencies is to assess, verify and validate disclosed and undisclosed B-BBEE-related information on measured entities. The standards for performing B-BBEE measurement are fundamental to confirming that the information on which the certificate is based, has been tested for validity and accuracy.
B-BBEE Verification should, therefore, be based on key measurement principles and standards. The methodologies followed by Verification Agencies, in the performance of verification, should demonstrate a clear understanding and knowledge of the B-BBEE Framework and Codes of Good Practice.

In view of the above, the dti, published the Verification Manual, Gazette No. 810, on 18 July 2008, with the intention of putting in place universal, transparent and coherent standards applicable to the verification industry. The Verification Manual prescribes minimum standards and methodologies that Verification Agencies should apply when conducting B-BBEE verification. To qualify for accreditation, Verification Agencies should conform to, among other pre-requisites, the minimum requirements of the Verification Manual and ensure that the necessary standards are maintained and upheld even beyond accreditation.

Information supplied by www.thedti.gov.za

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