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My business needs B-BBEE – where do I start?

My business needs B-BBEE – where do I start?

Prior to our country operating as a democratic nation, black individuals were not allowed to fairly partake in the economic infrastructure. On account of this injustice, the South African Government instilled an initiative referred to as Black Economic Empowerment in 2007, which is known today as Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).Businesses operating in the South African corporate landscape have to consider the organisational implications if they choose not to implement B-BBEE solutions. Due to stricter verification regulations applied in recent years, most organisations are starting to pay attention to the requirements of B-BBEE compliancy - but many are unsure of how to start with the process.

A business with an annual turnover of more than R10 million, has to obtain a BEE verification certificate. RVN Empowerment Services is accredited by Independent Regularity Board for Auditors (IRBA), and in the process of acquiring accreditation from The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), for BEE verification procedures. Read our blog here on new legislation with regards to SANAS Accreditation.

RVN Empowerment Services offer a holistic, integrated approach to B-BBEE. We don't regard compliance as just another duty for companies to adhere to so that they can simply 'tick it off', but rather to partner with clients. We understand that B-BBEE and compliance regulations might be unchartered waters for some companies.

Our auditing services assist businesses of varying sizes – from start-ups to large corporates. Our highly qualified team, holding over 30 years' experience, include CA(SA), qualified auditors and senior level article clerks. Our team provides each client with individual attention from customising documentation to services and tools to meet their needs.

We believe in building great partnerships, and through these partnerships, we advise our clients on the most suitable B-BBEE structure for their businesses, which has to be in line with their company goals and long term strategy. It is of utmost importance that the correct systems are in place when a company starts with the implementation of B-BBEE, as reporting has to be accurate and timely.

B-BBEE should be about more than just legal and administrative compliance, it should achieve strategic competitive advantage and business growth.

Committing to B-BBEE instils confidence with suppliers and clients, and our strong professional team supports your decision and dedication to the upliftment and empowerment of our country and its people.

Verification compliance should be managed and strategised, not merely just complied to and then placed on the back burner. With our extensive experience and multitude of corporations that have made use of our services, RVN Empowerment Service is a holistic solution and we would like to share our best practice tips and solutions with you.

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