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At RVN, we are committed to providing our trainees with the guidance and resources they need to be successful in their careers.

We offer a unique combination of excellent training opportunities, diverse industry experience, and supportive mentorship.

RVN has a reputation for excellence and integrity in the accounting industry, which means that our trainees are highly sought after and valued in the job market.

Uncover why
RVN is the
perfect fit
for you!

Think you are a perfect fit?

Are you passionate about finding solutions, no matter how difficult the problem?

Do you have an analytical approach to problem-solving, always looking for the right answer, not simply the first one?

Can you see opportunities where others only see challenges?

    Do you have an accredited accounting degree?
    Do you have an accredited post-graduate diploma? YesNo
    Do you have any relevant previous work experience? YesNo
    Are you data-fit and abreast of the latest technological advancements in the financial industry? YesNo
    Are you a team-player, with a good work ethic and problem-solving skills? YesNo

    “I wanted a firm that would give me exposure to a different variety of clients during my training period and looking at RVN from LinkedIn Sales Navigator I got a sense of the kind of clientele they cater to and that gave me the confidence to know that I would be able to receive the experience I wanted.”

    – Trainee Accountant

    “I enjoy working at RVN. It might sound cliché, but it feels like a small family. You get to know everyone very quickly and I have a good relationship with everyone. There is always a senior or manager to assist with problems. No one makes you feel inferior or that you asked a stupid question. You learn to take on responsibility early on, which makes the learning process much more fun.”

    – Trainee Accountant

    “Working at RVN has truly been an exciting new phase in my life, from the friendly and loving culture to the resilience and boldness with which the work gets done. I could not have asked for a better work family. RVN provides an environment where any hungry mind can be fed. The partners and managers have an open-door policy which encourages “fresh” clerks to learn from them.”

    – Trainee Accountant

    “RVN provides trainees with exposure to a myriad of client types – established groups, medium-sized entities, small companies, PBOs, and individuals. In my time here so far, I have gotten so much exposure and I am learning many things about business in general. I believe this is contributing towards my growth and becoming a very well-rounded, knowledgeable, and capable chartered accountant in the future. We are taught by our seniors to be hard workers and to be dedicated to the end goal here at RVN, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

    – Trainee Accountant

    “The office is very busy and lively. We know when to be serious but also when to have a bit of fun. The mentorship program helps a lot because I have a specific person to go to when I have concerns or questions and he is always willing to assist. They offer a lot of training programs, so I am constantly learning more things and increasing my knowledge. I am learning a lot at RVN and am very grateful and happy that I decided to come work here.”

    – Trainee Accountant

    “A good working environment is built upon the people that you work and interact with daily, and I have wonderful colleagues who make it enjoyable to come to work every day.”

    – Trainee Accountant

    “RVN is the best firm to do your articles as there is a lot of exposure in areas such as audit, tax, and accounting. I especially appreciate the accessibility we have to the managers and partners who are always willing to share their knowledge.”

    – Trainee Accountant
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