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Trusts – Conduit Principle

A recent decision by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in the case of Commissioner, SARS v Thistle Trust [516/2021][2022] ZASCA 153, had far-reaching implications for structures involving the layering of trusts and essentially, the continued application of the “conduit principle” or “look-through principle”. In this case, the conduit principle has been rendered inapplicable to …

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Trusts and PBO 3rd party reporting

It is important to prepare yourself for the new SARS requirements.  SARS will now require third-party data from Trusts and Public Benefit Organisations. Currently, banks, financial institutions, medical schemes, attorneys, estate agents, and issuers of bonds, debentures, and financial products are required to file third-party returns to SARS.  The third-party returns, containing information about a …

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Solar panel tax incentive for individuals: Frequently asked questions

This note sets out the basic characteristics and requirements for the solar panel incentive announced by the Minister of Finance on 22 February 2023. This is meant to help individuals in their immediate decision-making, rather than postponing any solar installation until the legislative process can be finalised. What is the objective of the incentive? Government …

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