RVN Chartered Accountants Incorporated



Our services include:

  • Reporting deceased estates to the appropriate Master of the High Court by lodging a death notice.
  • Appointment of an executor and applications for a Letter of Executorship. We also assist with applications to make changes to the executorship letter.
  • Placement of statutory advertisements to notify creditors and debtors of the deceased estate.
  • Collection of creditors’ and debtors’ claims.
  • Coding of deceased estates, and all other deceased estate administrative functions at SARS (obtaining a new tax number for the estate).
  • Liaising with SARS in respect of the deceased’s pre- and post-death tax returns, including estate duty (all preparations, completions, submissions, and payments thereof).
  • Drafting of liquidation and distribution accounts and obtaining the Master’s approval.
  • Advertising the liquidation and distribution accounts in a local newspaper and Government Gazette and laying the accounts open for inspection by creditors and beneficiaries.
  • Opening of deceased estate bank account.
  • Closure of the deceased estate bank account.
  • Settlement of inheritances and claims.
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