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Gideon Visser

Audit Manager

B.Comm (Acc) B.Comm (Acc)(Hons)

Expertise: Auditing

Gideon is a highly motivated and results-driven professional who concentrates on quality accomplishment. His financial expertise has been refined through his work experience, formal training, academic studies and other activities, enabling him to excel at RVN. Gideon has a remarkable track record for solving clients’ problems through analysis of their situations, formulation of strategies and implementation of effective solutions.

His perfect day consists of completing tasks that add value to the firm and clients. When his work is appreciated by his team and he knows it makes a positive difference to RVN, Gideon feels like he’s hitting a home run.

Contributing to the building and growth of RVN, while also making a positive impact on the lives of others, is what Gideon defines as success. Ultimately, he wants to look back and be proud of the contributions he has made and the legacy he has left behind.

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