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Luzanne Teichert

Audit Manager

CA (SA), Audit Manager

Expertise: Auditing, Accounting and Taxation

Luzanne, RVN’s hands-on Audit Manager, works with a high level of competence and skill in all areas of auditing, taxation, and accounting. She has honed her critical thinking skills, enabling her to excel in unique engagements and problem solving.

She is responsible for managing client relationships, compiling financial statements and audits, and planning and overseeing the finalisation of auditing processes. Luzanne is truly a team player who excels under pressure and has strong motivational and organisational skills. Her diligent work ethic, attentiveness to detail and leadership skills allow her to make a valuable contribution to the RVN team.

Luzanne considers auditing to be a broad field with exposure to various economic activities, giving her the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society. She also enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems.

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