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Mientjie Botes


Expertise: Accounting and Debtors

Mientjie, our Accountant, has been an integral part of our team since 2000. Her passion for numbers ignited her career in finance and continues to drive her dedication.

In the realm of finance, concentration is key, and Mientjie excels in a quiet and peaceful environment. Her perfectionism shines through as she meticulously attends to every task, ensuring flawless execution—a quality vital for the precision demanded by her role.

Despite her extensive expertise, Mientjie remains committed to continual improvement in the field of accounting. She values patience and resilience as essential qualities in her professional journey.

Mientjie also lives by the mantra “live and let live,” emphasising respect for individual choices and perspectives. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys walking her dog, reading, and participating in educational programmes.

For Mientjie, success is measured by the annual improvement of her targets compared to the previous year, making her a true exemplar of dedication and growth in the world of finance.

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